A call for action is necessary. We need to assure that individuals living with HIV/AIDS are cared for, not discriminated against!

We are all here together, connected. Nothing is happening to just one of us, but affecting ALL of us!  What is happening affects us ALL! We can no longer look at others or view other places in the world where people are sick and dying and continue to neglect caring for them, without recognizing how it affects society. We cannot continue to allow millions to suffer and millions to die and expect we will not be affected. We have to make the necessary changes and care for one another.

At the XIV International AIDS Conference in 2002, Nelson Mandela in his closing speech said, “AIDS is a war against humanity”.

It is “good and pleasant” for brothers to dwell together in unity, and that where unity is, God blesses.  I am absolutely convinced that we must be tenacious about fostering unity that transcends physical appearance, social class, denominations, geography, styles of worship, and non-essential doctrinal distinctions as we express oneness.

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