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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kindly email (crisishome alias gmail dot com) or DM (+6016 272 7072)

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  1. Hi Crisis Home,

    Good day, I really hope to get your reply. 3 weeks ago I engaged high risk sexual activities. I hope to get your kind advice of which hospital and Doctor to approach in HIV treatment and testing in Johor Bahru.

    Your reply indeed very needed.



  2. Dear Tay,

    Please go to the nearest government hospital for blood test if you have reasons to suspect yourself of HIV infection. Antiretroviral treatment is highly effective. Government had implemented highly subsidized program to help all People Living with HIV/AIDS.
    Ignore the warning at your own peril. Delay to seek treatment is strongly discouraged. Early treatment will still prolong your life.
    DO NOT let a tiny HIV virus defeats you and all your loved ones. Be smart and wise!



  3. Hi Chris,

    Kindly write in with more details to in regards to your students visit. Will get back to you.



  4. Hi,

    My uncle was checked is HIV infection, he is now at GH Penang at the moment, we are worried about his future living as he is single and now not be able to walk. Could you please advise where can we send him for caring!! Much Thanks!


  5. Hi Ooi,

    You may get in contact with;

    Community AIDS Service Penang (CASP)
    No 2077,Jalan Kulim (Jln Pow Nee)
    MK 10 14000 Bukit Mertajam
    Tel: 04 – 6561554 / 6560935
    Fax : 04 – 6561017
    E-mail :

    Penang Family Health Development Association (FHDA)
    333 Jalan Perak
    11600 Pulau Pinang
    Tel: 604 281 3144/ 04 – 282 5191
    Fax: 604 281 9380
    Email: /
    Website :

  6. Hi,
    My bro having treatment in GH now and I’m worrying nobody can take care of him after he discharge from the critical illness. He is single and I’m working until late night. Would you please advise any nursing care center? Is crisis home willing to take him for short term stay until he is able to work and at the same time sharing gospel to him?

  7. Hi,

    Kindly give me a call 016 2727 072.


  8. hi,
    i would like to sponsor a resident in your crisis home.
    I might not be able to sponsor much in cash value but would like to know about how much is required for one resident per month.
    Would like to know what groceries would the home required currently
    thank you

  9. Greetings Daisy,

    Thank you for your kind offer to sponsor a resident in Crisis Home. It cost rm500 per month to fully sponsor a resident.

    You may full sponsor or to sponsor any amount. Kindly make your donations to “CRISIS CARE HOME” and online bank-in to;

    HONG LEONG BANK ACC#: 00300568778 (CRISIS CARE HOME) – Kindly email ( or sms (016 272 7072) after bank-in for recording purposes and most important to thank you for your support.

    Kindly do not hesitate to contact us for more details. Once again we thank you in advance for kind support.


    Isaac Tan
    H/P: 016 272 072

  10. Hi,

    I have a uncle who has recently diagnosed with HIV+. He is single with no family to take care of him. Recently he was admitted to KL GH due to accident and causes him to lost his sense on mobility for now as he was hit at the head.

    Would you be able to provide me any contact of nursing centre around klang valley?

  11. Hi

    I have a friend who are HIV+ for almost 5 years.
    During his early stage, he went to GH and consult the doctor. However, during one of his consultation, the doctor invited his students to witness the session. My friend felt humiliated by it. He was asked to strip his clothes off and naked while the doctor performing a checkup while in front of the students. Since then, my friend avoided to continue the session.

    It has been 5 years now and I sense that my friend’s immune system is decreasing. Ive talked to him to go to the GH but he rejected the idea and was clearly traumatized by the incident. He was embarrased. He felt that the doctor didnt respect his privacy of his identity and sickness.

    My question:

    1) if I manage to talk to him and have him visit GH, will it be too late for him to receive the HIV treatment?

    2) if he starts the treatment, will that prolong his lifetime? Will he able to reduce the chances of getting AIDS after the treatment?


  12. Hi,

    I’m so sorry what your friend has to go through.

    In replying to your questions.

    1) if I manage to talk to him and have him visit GH, will it be too late for him to receive the HIV treatment?
    Yes that is very crucial to get your friend to go back on the treatment. He don’t have to go back to GH , can get the treatment at another place.

    2) if he starts the treatment, will that prolong his lifetime? Will he able to reduce the chances of getting AIDS after the treatment?
    Yes there is always a better chance with treatment. It would be great if your friend and yourself could call me 0162727072 and hope we could meet up and will be able to better discuss about it.

    Home to hear from you soon.



  13. Hi admin,

    I am a hiv+ person staying at jb. Since 3 years ago, i have been getting my treatments at a private hospital at melaka where i was first diagnosed. Treatments had been costing me rm1000 per month, and recently i feel that it has been very taxing on myself.

    Would you recommend that i get my treatments from a govt hospital?
    How much cost can i save?
    Will the anti-retroviral regime be as effective?
    And if there is any organisation in jb where i can seek advices from?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you


  14. Hi, I would like to know the answer that what Dave asked too. Thank you.

  15. Hi you may contact me at 0162727072. Thanks
    Apologies for the late reply.