Kindly email (crisishome alias gmail dot com) or DM (+6016 272 7072) for donations details. Thank you for your kind support.



Serving Together

There is a pressing need to care for individuals living with HIV/AIDS as there are very few such homes in the Klang Valley. Crisis Home 34 residents, and families Infected/Affected by HIV/AIDs needs your help.  Residential care and support are needed for People living with HIV/AIDS. They needs life-long medical, physical, emotional and spiritual attention as they are already semi-disabled. They needs to go for regular hospital check-ups and treatment not only for HIV/AIDS but also other related illnesses. Crisis Home is a home for them until The Amighty calls them home.


The Home requires ongoing help and support. Donations from the public are very much appreciated. Our aim is to work in partnership providing support and bringing hope Towards this end, we invite you to partner with us in this commitment by your prayers, giving and sponsorship. Kindly do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiry. We invite you to:


  • Pray along with us for The Almighty’s wisdom and strength.
  • Provide any assistance you can so we can be equipped in extending rehabilitation care.
  • Provide exposure opportunities for the PLHIV through participation in employment.
  • Promote public awareness and create an environment free from prejudice and stigma
  • Introduce your generous-minded friends to sponsor our residents and staff.
  • Contribute in cash towards our monthly expenditure.