About Crisis Home

We are a non-profit ministry caring for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) operating without any government funding or grants. We provide care irrespective of race or religion and our goal is to prevent and relieve suffering and to improve quality of life of individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

Shelter Home Programme

The home provides food, medical care, rehabilitation and decent funeral arrangements for PLHIV. Apart from that, referrals are available on clinic or health facility, harm reduction, legal, social, other NGOs, employment and legal, as well as other matters. Our care efforts include hospital visits, monitor HAART treatment, physiotherapy, wounds dressing, bathing, feeding and attending to personal needs of PLHIV. PLHIV are also supported with in-house counselling, work therapy, reconciliation with families,  care and counselling: peer one to one support groups and weekly counselling. Crisis Homes provides a safe and non-violent environment for PLHIV and drug users infected by HIV.

Support Group Programme

To provide peer counselling, referrals to treatment and other related services as well as information sharing and support sessions. Target communities include drug abusers, sex workers and PLHIV.

Outreach Programme

The aim is to reduce the risk of HIV and STI infection and other harm reduction activities, through street and group outreach, hospital visits, outreach to schools, university, colleges, support and sharing sessions.

Community Event

The Home participates in two annual events i.e. International AIDS Memorial Day and World AIDS Day. The purpose is to create awareness and remove fear, prejudice and the stigma that this disease carries.

Camp/Outing for the infected and affected PLHIV.

Daily Activities

    • House Duties
    • Meal Times
    • Prayer
    • Games
    • Work Therapy

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi there.
    I am Anna, want to know if there are any shelter homes available for PLHIV in Johor.

  2. Dear Anna,

    You may get a list of shelter home from Malaysian AIDS Council website. http://www.mac.org.my/v3/?page_id=534



  3. Morning admin

    Im Sabrina, Social worker from The Salvation Army Kuching. Recently we receive a case where the mother and the child (1 years and half) has detected with HIV positive and now they are under medication. They did not a permanent place to stay and the husband has pass away last year October 2013 and suspected also because of HIV. Im looking forward to your advice and seek help from your if we can send them to your shelter since In Kuching here we did not have a shelter for patient with HIV.