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Anita was a beautiful woman, alone in her young age, she was left like a wave of the sea, tossed to and fro by people who cared little for her. It was a miracle of grace that many of you, dear friends in Malaysia and Indonesia would impose yourself into her life, to rescue her […]

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Hope Lives On, in All of Us. By Mona a care-giver. This true account is a special dedication to the team of doctors, nurses and NGO friends in Kuala Lumpur, Kuching (Sarawak), Jakarta and Pontianak (Kalimantan). It is a story of love, compassion and dedication across national borders. January 29, 2016. Isaac Tan (Crisis Home) […]

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Praise God to 6 residents of Crisis Home. They have resolved to continue as long as God gave them the encouragement and strength to Live. They bring a life-changing encouragement and declare to carry on. my old life is behind me — I am a new person, with a new life. a change so drastic […]

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