Sickness changes us, tests us and defines us.

Most People Living with HIV/AIDS have family members. When they find out that they have a HIV positive family member, the family would find shelters where care can be given to them or they would just leave them in a hospital. But are they not their brother, sister, father, or mother? This was what happened to David, but with treatment, care and support, he is bringing awareness to people  regarding the topic of HIV and AIDS. He does this to remove the concept that getting the virus only happens to other people, that it will never happen to ‘me’, our children, our nephews, or other children in our neighborhood.

Stigmas exist because of the lack of understanding on HIV, where people have false perceptions that this disease can be transmitted through touch, having meals together, swimming in the same pool, spending time in an enclosed air-conditioned room, using the same lavatory, and having being bitten by the same mosquito.

Conversely, the actual fact is that HIV cannot be transmitted through these ways because normal body fluids and waste products such as – feces, nasal fluid, sweat, tears, urine, or vomit – have insufficient amount of virus in them to infect another person, unless blood is mixed in these substances or a person has significant direct contact with one who is living with HIV.

Regardless of the situation, it’s time to educate ourselves about HIV and AIDS so that we can accept People Living with HIV. It is the year 2019 and we are still  hearing stories of People Living with HIV being told turned away from employment or that they are not allowed to eat in the office cafeteria. Thank you for being our long-time partners in getting the correct message out.

Stigma Kills, Treatment works,   Prevention Works.


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