Myth: that you can get HIV from using an infected person’s utensils
Truth: one cannot under any circumstances get HIV or AIDS from using the utensils, cloths, sheets or toothbrush of an HIV-positive person. In order to contract the virus there must be an exchange of sexual fluids (i.e. semen or vaginal fluid) or blood that transmits the virus from one body to another.

Myth: that HIV and AIDS are diseases that only affect homosexuals and sex workers.
Truth: anyone can get infected with HIV regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, occupation or class.

Myth: that you can get HIV from kissing, holding hands, sharing the same toilet or room with someone that is HIV positive.
Truth: the saliva in your mouth does not contain enough of the HIV virus to transfer it to another person purely from kissing iii.

Myth: that you can get AIDS from a mosquito bite.
Truth: HIV and AIDS cannot be transmitted through the bites of insects.

Myth: In some parts of Africa it is believed that sex with a virgin can cure AIDS.
Truth: There is no cure for HIV and AIDS.

Myth: That you cannot get HIV from oral sex.
Truth: HIV can be contracted through oral sex, though the possibility is relatively smaller than contracting the virus through sexual intercourse.

Myth: Women that are HIV positive cannot have children without infecting them.
Truth: Without treatment HIV-positive mothers pass HIV to their newborns about 25 percent of the time. However, with modern treatment, this rate has dropped drastically to about 2 percent

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