The problem with the majority of people, Malaysians included, is denial of the existing situation. Most would like to think that the AIDS problem is unique to a particular part of the world. Even when there are those who acknowledge that AIDS is a problem in Malaysia, they think that it is a problem that concerns only a certain fraction of society.

In other words, many are of the view that while the threat of AIDS does exist, as long as it is not their problem, it is really not a problem. This way of thinking is really misleading, creating a false sense of safety about the AIDS situation. Denying the problem exists and thinking that it is somebody else’s problem only results in a poor understanding of the subject.

When people deny they have a problem, and when people do not think AIDS is their problem, no concrete measures are likely to be taken, the fight against AIDS will surely suffer.

Denial of the underlying problem and thinking that AIDS only infects other people will also create a dangerous trend. When one thinks one is invincible, there is a tendency to indulge in high risk activities that could expose one to the virus itself.

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