We would like to give all the glory to God for the great and wonderful times He has bless us in the month of June 2009 at Crisis Home.

Praise Report – June 2009

1. Thank you to the group of students from Lim Kok Wing University who came and did a documentary on HIV/AIDS education. This documentary will be shown to their fellow students and bring about awareness and knowledge to remove fear and discrimination toward individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

2. Thank you to the group of students from Inti College (Subang) who came to have lunch with us. They were able to learn more on HIVAIDS by speaking with the residents and received teaching session that was conducted.

3. Thank you to the 4 students and staff from Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES) for the opportunity they had been exposed to the work at Crisis Home – caring for individuals living with HIV. It was a great experience for them.

4. Thank you to our friends from Port Klang Methodist Church (Chinese) for their monthly visit and cooking some western meal for us. They brought along abundance of durians and rambutans.

5. Praise God for Jeff and Ling who had opened their heart and accepted God as their Lord and Saviour.

6. Praise God for Wong and Fei who has completed their treatment for tuberculosis  (TB) and has been given a clean bill of health from the doctor.

7. Praise God for Wai whose immune system level has risen from CD4 of 3 to a higher CD4 of 166.

Prayer Request – July 2009

1. Prayer for all the residents and staffs for their health and growth in the Lord.

2. Pray for Jeff who has been hospitalised and for doctor to save his eye sight.

3. Pray for Ling whose red blood cell count is low.

4. Pray for Wai, Fei and Chai’s baptism.

5. Prayer for the students from Inti College (Subang) who will be coming to conduct interviews and write stories of the residents. Pray that their testimonies will be a blessing to the general public who read it.

6. Pray for our sharing session on HIV education in the homelife groups of Subang Jaya Assemblies Of God Church as part of their Mission Month emphasis.

7. Pray for God to provide all our need of foodstuffs, supplements and finance.

God bless and thank for all your support.

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