It has been a year now since (City Hall) served us notice to move out or face a fine of up to RM50,000.00 and a daily compound of RM500.00. They came again on 18 May 2009 and informed us (Crisis Care Home) to move out from our premises. The reasons being some structures we put up for the ease of our residents and the residents association do not agree to what we are doing – caring for individuals living with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in Crisis Care Home. For the past year we have written many appeals and certain public figures has also appealed on our behalf.

Crisis Care Home has been a home for 171 residents since 2003. Majority are referred from the Government Hospital because of their condition, homeless, full-blown AIDS and needing 24 x 7 cares. Many are physically challenged and have opportunistic diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia, meningitis, psychiatric problem etc caused by the HIV virus but with treatment from hospital and the care they received at the home many has since recovered and has since returned to society. While they were at the home, they are exposed to education and awareness on HIV and how to prevent from spreading the virus.

We have tried many people & avenue but it is a very sensitive issue. Town council knows it is very sensitive to evict just based on what we are doing. Town council needs us to get approval on the structure set up. They have also come and fine us for petty things like breeding mosquito larvae etc.

We have an architecture bro to help us draw up the plan for submission but we need the landlord to sign & approve for submission with all the cost bear by Crisis Care Home. The landlord is not willing to sign.

We need to find a place to build up the home. Question is will the residents in the places we are going to, will welcome and allowed us to be there. With fear it has brings about discrimination.

There is a great need to bring about awareness & education on HIV/AIDS and knowledge on individuals living with HIV/AIDS. “Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”

Crisis Care Home will not fight the council but consider moving to a more “suitable place”. The owner does not want any trouble/publicity. She was uneasy when town council and the residents association called her and we respect her decision. Anyway, we have decided to dismantle the structure.

Crisis Care Home is the home for 16 residents of whom 7 are physically challenged (OKU) and 2 are senior citizens (warga emas). They are here because they are homeless with no family to care for them. We are a charity shelter home and not a commercials business home.

In Malaysia People Living With HIV/AIDS do not have a shelter home provided by the government. Most of these homes are run voluntary and supported by the public donations. There is no special home for us to go.

Crisis Care Home is kept clean & tidy to the best of our ability. We have not caused disturbance to the neighbourhood.

All of the residents are on HAART (treatment for HIV/AIDS) provided by the Sg Buloh General Hospital and referred from the hospital to the home for ease of transportation to the hospital. If we are to move to another place, it will create problems to their treatment.

People Living With HIV/AIDS faces discrimination and are rejected by the local community. It needs to be overcome together in providing support and care is a “local community environment” so that the responsibility of care can be share together. “Together, we are the solution”

Thanks for all your help. God bless

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