Thank you for your prayer. There has been good report from the residents and you has encouraged them. This is from their sharing about their health.

1. Wai (CD4 is 3). He was having pain and difficulties to walk. He is able to walk better now and the leg is not so painful now. Even though his CD4 is at a critical level and virus load is still very high (536) he has a very good appetite and has gain a lot of weight. The virus has affected his brain but he is very much stable and alert now.

2. Fei (CD4 is 53). He was having TB of the stomach and has very bad stomach pain. He is now helping to drive the van to bring the residents for their hospital appointment. He is recovering from an operation to remove part of his large intestine.

3. Chai (CD4 is 66). He was having pain and difficulties to walk. He is able to walk better now and the leg is getting stronger but still not so stable.

4. Rajoo (CD4 is 229). He is our oldest residents age 64 years old. He was having ache all over his body but is getting better physically.

5. Kanna (CD4 is 320). He is feeling weak for the past 2 weeks.

6. Wong (CD4 is 441) He is 56 years old and was having pain in his both his legs and was losing weight due to poor appetite. The pain is his legs is not so bad now and his appetite is back to normal.

7. Yap (CD4 is 162). He is blind because of the effect of the virus. He is also feeling depressesd because hs CD4 level has dropped from a high of 320 to 162 this month and suspected to heart problem. Has encouraged him to keep on praying.

8. Lim (CD4 is 320) He was having a very bad cough due to asthma and his lung has been badly damaged that the doctor cannot do anything about it. He is beginning to breath better now.

9. Meng (CD4 is 385) He was readmitted to Crisis Care Home because his family was not able to care for him.

10. Hee (CD4 is 187) He has been in hospital since September 2007 but he is helping to be a peer support for the new patients in the ward.

11. Thong – He was having joint pain on his right hand but has recovered now.

12. Yen – He was having pain walking but is getting better now.

13. Luke – He is our youngest resident (17 years old). Seeking for a vocational training for him to learn a skill.

Thank you for your support

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