We urgently seek your prayer support for Crisis Home residents, individuals living with HIV whose CD4 is at a very low level of below 200 cells per cubic millimter of blood. They have becomes ill with one of the AIDS defining illnesses and is at a much greater risk of others opportunistic infections and is said to have Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Please pray for a good recovery and respond to the HIV medications prescribed to help prevent illnesses and infections.

  1. Wai – CD4 of 3
  2. Fei – CD4 of 83 and having tuberculosis (TB)
  3. Chai – CD4 of 86

As Chinese New Year is approaching the residents thinks about their home and family and hope to be able to have a reunion meal with them but none of them are not able to go home because of family rejection. Help us to help them able to celebrate Chinese New Year in Crisis Home with a difference. Thank you and please share this needs and prayer request as we seek His Healing and Strength for our fellow brothers who are suffering. You can make the difference.

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