“Stop AIDS, Keep the Promise”

December 1 is World AIDS Day! Sorry to inform that the AIDS pandemic has not gone away including here in Malaysia. We need to do more prevention and we need to do it soon. Meantime we need to care more about people living with HIV in our country as well as their families.

More people than ever before are living with HIV in Malaysia and new infections continue. HIV is a serious long-term condition and people living with HIV often face discrimination. Whatever your HIV status, there is a role you can play in ending HIV prejudice and stopping the spread of HIV.

World AIDS Day is an opportunity to be inspired to respect and protect the health and wellbeing of ourselves and those around us through knowledge, action and consideration. In which people living with HIV are treated as equal citizens with respect, dignity and justice, are diagnosed early and receive the highest standards of care, and in which everyone knows how and is able to protect themselves from HIV infection.

Today’s young people are tomorrow’s journalists, politicians, teachers, scientists and employers. They have a vital role to play in talking about HIV so that they can safeguard their own sexual health and help to break down stigma and discrimination around HIV.

In line with the slogan for World AIDS Day, we urge policymakers and all our leaders: “Stop AIDS, Keep the Promise”.

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