Some of the comments we received on “Stigma, discrimination and ostracism are the real killer”

Oct 27, 2008 at 11:39 PM

Many years ago, as a young christian I was nearly “kill” by discrimination by church members. Some church members ask our pastor to separate the communion cups as a group of ex-addicts were also attending the church. Their concern is we may “infect” the communion cups. As a young christian, I was touch by the message of God’s love, the “fervent” prayers of church member, the preaching of pastor that Jesus even reach out to the Lepers.

But is it real? During communion time I look at the cup but did not see any special marking for us. Until today I did not ask the pastor if they make any marking of the cup “expecially” for us center boy. The reason I did not ask is I do not want to get hurt anymore as many of us “ex-addict” are broken emotionally.

I thank God that I have overcome the discrimination, but many of our brothers from the center have been “kill” off by Christians.

My question is do we mean what we pray? Do we mean what we preach? Do we do what Jesus command us to do?

Oct 30, 2008 at 9:11 AM

I agree with your comments. But unfortunately life is presently such that its so. To be honest I myself may have to check if I can overcome the bias.

I saw an article about an activist in Beijing who will fight for causes in China. He somehow come across HIV problems in China and spent a few years fighting for them. Most of these HIV people got it from blood transfusion as they donate and sometime sell blood. The person describe how he struggle initially when he meet with the people. How he wants to run to wash his hands after touching them and how he has wild imaginations of virus crawling all over him.

Then he force himself to do research on AIDS and he manage to overcome the fear. Today I believe he is one of the key person fighting for HIV in China.

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